Young Ones Records


1. Why were some titles available online but unavailable when I visited the store? Our entire distributor’s catalogue is available online, and we only stock a portion of that in-store. Therefore, not all titles carried online are available in-store.

2. Why are some titles in-store unavailable online? One of the joys of shopping in Young Ones is discovering new music and finding something you might not have expected to find. Our massive used inventory is constantly changing and is not maintained online.

3. Can I special-order items that you do not have in stock? Any CD/DVD/VINYL can be special ordered at no extra charge either in-store or by calling us. Generally, these special orders take a week or less to arrive.

4. If I order something online, can I pick it up in-store? You can place orders for pickup by calling us. See previous question for more information.

5. When is the best time to come trade in or sell my used items? We can accept trade-ins at any time. For larger quantities, processing may take longer, so if you could drop the items off, we’ll take a look at them. If you have any further questions, please give us a call.

6. Who do I contact to book an in-store performance? Frank Fields books all in-store performances at Young Ones. He can be reached at Include your name, phone number, band’s name, and a link to your band’s website, SoundCloud, or wherever you have music available online. Please do not attach large files to your email.

7. My instrument or turntable is broken, does Young Ones have repair service? We offer guitar repairs through Penn Avenue Music. Their guitar technician can pick up your instrument and provide you with an estimate. For other instrument repair, Penn Avenue Music has arrangements with other technicians. For turntables, Mark may be of some help, however, if the problem persists, we can recommend a certified repair shop for further assistance.