John Williams In Vienna
Artist: John Williams/Anne-Sophie Mutter/Wiener Philharmoniker
Format: CD
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1. The Flight To Neverland
2. Excerpts
3. Devil's Dance
4. Adventures On Earth
5. Theme
6. Dartmoor, 1912
7. Suite
8. Marion's Theme
9. Main Title
10. The Rebellion Is Reborn
11. Luke & Leia
12. Imperial March
13. Raider's March

More Info:

DG presents John Williams in Vienna, the live recordings of the Hollywood legendís Vienna Philharmonic 2020 debut. Saying itís ďone of the greatest honors of my life,Ē he received a standing ovation before a single note was played. Sharing the stage with the famous orchestra and violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, he performs iconic themes from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and other cinematic landmarks that have earned countless awards: 5 Oscars, 5 Emmys, 25 Grammys & more.