Format: DVD
Label: MPI
Rel. Date: 12/15/2020
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Artist: Robo
Format: DVD
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Mityais an imaginative twelve year old boy, who loves to draw comics of super heroes and dreams of becoming an artist. His parents, who have little understanding for Mitya'screativity, however, work as robotic engineers. They have built and programmed a Universal Rescue Robot, aka ROBO, to rescue people from dangerous situations. Soon after their final tests, ROBO escapes from the research facility motivated to understand the meaning of "family." Due to ROBO's alleged malfunction, the director of the research facility deems the fled robot as a menace to society that should be destroyed at once. In his search for a family, ROBO meets Mityaand the two form a true friendship while on the run from anyone who tries to deactivate and destroy ROBO.