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Pokemon 4 Movie Collection / (Amar Ws)
Artist: Pokemon 4 Movie Collection
Format: DVD
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POKEMON IV: 4EVER: This fourth big-screen event movie, starring the hit collectible characters, introduces Celebi, a green, winged Pokémon with the ability to travel through time. After Celebi is captured, it's up to Ash, Sam, and Pikachu to save the fate of the entire forest. POKEMON V: HEROES: The fifth installment of the phenomenally successful POKÉMON franchise takes place in a mysterious city on water. Set against a baffling maze of canals and alleyways, Ash, Pikachu, the rest of the gang take on a slick new pair of thieves in this glamorous, high-stakes adventure story. Two new Pokemon characters - Latias and Latios, who possess strong psychic abilities and the power to disguise themselves as humans, make their debut. POKEMON VI: JIRACHI WISH MAKER: Only once every thousand years when the Millennium Comet is visible in the night sky does Jirachi awaken from his slumber. Upon awakening at a traveling circus alongside new friends, Ash, Pikachu, and Max, this new Pokémon is captured by an evil magician and former scientist who wish to harness Jirachi's incredible energy. If they succeed, they'll bring to life one of the most legendary and powerful Pokémon of all. POKEMON VII: DESTINY DEOXYS: Ash and Pikachu, big-time heroes of the Pokémon franchise, travel to the futuristic city of Larousse where they meet Tory, who eschews all Pokémon and their masters. But Tory must overcome his dread when the city is invaded by the Pokémon Deoxys.