Format: CD
Label: CUN
Rel. Date: 11/13/2020
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A Love Supreme and Meditations
Artist: Love Supreme Electric / Various
Format: CD
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1. A Love Supreme : Acknowledgement
2. Resolution
3. Pursuance
4. Psalm
5. Meditations : The Father and the Song and the Holy Ghost
6. Compassion
7. Joy
8. Love
9. Consequences
10. Serenity
11. The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost Reprise
12. Acknowledgement Reprise

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Some records tell you what's what. But A Love Supreme Electric starts from a different place. "What if?" it asks. In fact, ALSE asks "What if?" over and over again, joyously interrogating the twin templates of Coltrane's A Love Supreme and Meditations from a kaleidoscopic array of angles. Guitarist Henry Kaiser, the project's de facto theorist, chose to start with "What if A Love Supreme and Meditations are two parts of one single expression of an ecstatic spiritual state?" "I had known that Coltrane intended his Meditations suite to be a spiritual sequel to his A Love Supreme suite. Thus it was natural to suggest that with our A Love Supreme Electric gigs, we often play Meditations as the second set. After having done this more than a few times, I would note that... The two suites really do fit together to actually be one 2-part suite, where all the individual sections inform, deepen, cross-reference, and expand on one another, in both the musical and spiritual domains."