Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/05/2021
UPC: 045778780822

Visualizers plus on cover videos.

Artist: Adult Mom
Format: CD
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Adult Mom began as the solo project of Stevie Knipe in a Purchase College dorm room in 2012, and now falls between the playful spectrum of solo project and collaborative band with beloved friends and musicians Olivia Battell and Allegra Eidinger.

On Driver, Adult Momís third studio release, Stevie Knipe delves into the emotional space just beyond a coming-of-age, where the bills start to pile up and memories of college dorms are closer than those of high school parking lots. Like so many other twenty-somethings, Adult Momís third LP seeks to answer the age old question: what now?

With an actualized sound, Adult Mom has arrived to soundtrack the queer rom-com theyíve been dreaming of since 2015. Driver incorporates an expert weaving of sonic textures ranging from synths and shakers to Ď00s-inspired guitar tones which convey a loving attention to detail.