Justin Time For Christmas 6 / Various
Artist: Justin Time For Christmas 6 / Various
Format: CD
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1. Santa Claws - By Barbra Lica
2. At the Christmas Ball - By Susie Arioli Swing Band
3. Keep Christmas with You - By Katherine Penfold
4. I Wonder As I Wander - By Emma Frank
5. O Holy Night - By Matt Herskowitz
6. Christmas Time Is Here - By Ariel Pocock
7. The Christmas Song - By Carol Welsman
8. Bless This House - By Oliver Jones
9. Deck the Halls - By Ranee Lee
10. The Christmas Waltz - By Angela Galuppo
11. We Three Kings - By Ariel Pocock
12. White Christmas - By Matt Herskowitz

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Justin Time Records returns with their 6th volume of timeless Holiday tunes. With the exception of Katherine Penfold's soulful rendition of 'Keep Christmas With You' all the tracks are previously unreleased. Highlights include Emma Frank's haunting take on the folk hymn 'I Wonder As I Wander', the Susie Arioli Swing Band offers up a nod to Bessie Smith with 'At The Christmas Ball', Barbra Lica positively sparkles with her own jazzy tune - 'Santa Claws' (spoiler alert - he's a cat!) while Ranee Lee shines on 'Deck the Halls'. Several instrumental pieces are also included - Oliver Jones inspirational rendition of 'Bless This House' and Matt Herskowitz's heartfelt version of 'White Christmas'.