Dirt Rock
Artist: The Lacs
Format: CD
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1. Way Down
2. Country Livin'
3. Redneck Rockstar
4. Willie Nelson Feat. Nate Kenyon
5. Rules
6. Don't Hate You
7. Outlaw State of Mind Feat. Crucifix
8. Skiff Life
9. Feelin' Me Feat. Hard Target, Cymple Man ; Wess Nyle 1
10. Red Eyes 1
11. Drop Some Lines 1
12. Where My Rednecks at

More Info:

Dirty southern, mud-slingin' duo The Lacs are back and dirtier than ever with their first independent studio album "Dirt Rock". Including the new backwoods anthem "Redneck Rockstar" and special features from Crucifix, Nate Kenyon, Hard Target, Cymple Man and Wess Nyle.