N2 [LP]
Artist: Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes
Format: Vinyl
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1. Prélude [Pt. 1]
2. Sîrba
3. 15 août 1970
4. Silen Voy Kathy
5. Prélude [Pt. 2]
6. Prélude [Pt. 1]
7. Poème non épique
8. Ballada das aguas

More Info:

Anthology Recordings presents the first official US vinyl reissue of Catherine RIBEIRO + ALPES’ second album N °2. Demonstrating a nascent group in complete command of a broad musical and cultural language, valiantly lead by Ribeiro’s uncompromising voice, N°2 is a cosmic egg floating in a saucerful of secrets, with a third eye cast peeking out from the technicolor shell.