Sola Gratia
Artist: Neal Morse
Format: CD
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1. Preface
2. Overture
3. In the Name of the Lord
4. Ballyhoo (The Chosen Ones)
5. March of the Pharisees
6. Building a Wall
7. Sola Intermezzo
8. Overflow
9. Warmer Than the Sunshine
10. Never Change
11. Seemingly Sincere
12. The Light on the Road to Damascus
13. The Glory of the Lord
14. Now I Can See / the Great Commission

More Info:

2020 release from the former Spock's Beard guitarist. The album is conceptually based around the apostle Paul and features longtime Neal Morse Band members Mike Portnoy (drums), Randy George (bass) and Eric Gillette (guitar) as well as Bill Hubauer and Gideon Klein.