Format: Vinyl
Label: MURW
Rel. Date: 11/20/2020
UPC: 194690005831

The Illiad Is Over And The Odyssey Is Dead
Artist: Murs / 9th Wonder / Soul Council
Format: Vinyl
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1. The Hulk
2. Cancun '08 (Feat. Pookie Blow ; $Ilkmoney)
3. My Hero (Feat. Heather Victoria)
4. Ga$ Station Gucci Belt
5. Unicorn Glitter
6. High Noon (Feat. Rapsody ; Reuben Vincent)
7. Night Shift
8. Give Me a Reason
9. Super Cojo Bros. (Feat. GQ ; Cojo)
10. Fuck Them
11. Tony Robbins Pocketbook
12. Sin

More Info:

Over the course of the last fifteen-years, Murs & 9th have been prolific as a duo. Since Murs 3:16, they have released five additional albums and though their last collaborative effort, The Final Adventure (2012), hinted that the end of the series was upon us, today both of these legends reunite for a victory lap.