Format: CD
Label: HICE
Rel. Date: 02/26/2021
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Let Yourself Down EP
Artist: Feverseed
Format: CD
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1. Let Yourself Down
2. Beat Me
3. Imprint
4. Beat Me (Radio Edit)

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Feverseed is a New York rock quartet founded by singer/lyricist George Panagakos and bass player Chris Crosby. With their new LET YOURSELF DOWN EP, the band delivers a powerful and soulful debut that is sure to please fans of guitar-driven rock the world over. LET YOURSELF DOWN features three remarkable songs, each with it's own personality. The title track is an anthem of loss and redemption, "Beat Me" is a fast and sexy powerhouse and "Imprint" is an intimate epic of love and longing. Chris and George, both multi-instrumentalists, have been writing and recording together for years. They've explored many musical genres, but the common threads of their memorable and melodic compositions and George's versatile, unique and powerful voice are always present. In 2019 they decided to quench their thirst for rock and Feverseed was born. To complete the band's lineup, they were joined by lead guitarist Wibbus and drummer Drew Bertrand shortly before recording commenced.