Artist: Gisto
Format: CD
New: Available $15.99

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1. Track 1
2. Ovah Come Ft. Capleton
3. Track 3
4. Move It That Way Ft. Gyptian
5. Track 5
6. Body Language
7. Track 7
8. Come a Day
9. Track 9
10. Maryana
11. Track 11
12. Nod My Head
13. Track 13
14. Only One
15. Track 15
16. Prosper Ft. Sizzla
17. Track 17
18. Live This Way
19. 1
20. Rocky Road
21. 1
22. Set the Pace
23. 1
24. Why We Live That Way
25. 1
26. Mood for Dancin Ft. Mr Fantastik
27. 1
28. Run Away from Earth

More Info:

In 2011 Gisto made his first journey to the Fatherland of Reggae Music: Jamaica. He arrived with no hotel, no contacts and no idea what he would find there - just a desire to connect with the music and culture that influenced his life. Within about two weeks on the island, Gisto went from a stranger to a recognized musical personality on Jamaican television. Fast forward to 2020 and Gisto is now a seasoned veteran in the global Reggae music scene. After much time in the studio, Gisto is now ready to release Relief. The 14 track release features tracks with Reggae legends Capleton, Sizzla, Gyptian and more. Relief is the perfect album for fans of Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Hip Hop and good vibes all around. "In these trying times we will Ovah Come"- Gisto