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Rel. Date: 10/09/2020
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Books Or Rituals
Artist: Collard-Neven / Collard-Neven / Shea
Format: CD
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This recording is a meeting point of three rivers that converge into this reservoir of sound. Two of them are recordings, The Book of Scenes and Rituals, one recorded in 2004 and the other in 2014. These works were a combination of influences, the first recording being the classical influences of collaborating with Vincent Royer and Jean-Phillippe Collard Neven and a period of deep influence of and friendship with Luc Ferrari. The Book of Scenes was filled with references to Musique Concrete traditions and film music and film composer/sound designer tributes realized as a trio of Viola, Piano, and Electronics, each section creating a short 'scene' which explored a different genre, as well as electronic and classical techniques and histories. With the current global shift of demographics and the critical conversation between new technological possibilities and the natural world in focus, exploring the Rituals of our own lives, our own assumptions, emotions, culture and choices of what we choose to focus on is essential. The conversation between the rational and spiritual, the sciences both ancient and modern with the intuitive and those experiences limited by thought seems again to resurface as we face the 21st century reality. This Book of Rituals realized here in sound is a travelogue of a brief period of that experience.