Format: Vinyl
Label: BMG
Rel. Date: 06/11/2021
UPC: 4050538668216

Crooked Machine [2LP]
Artist: Roisin Murphy
Format: Vinyl
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1. Kingdom of Machines
2. Echo Returns
3. Capable Rhythm
4. Assimilation
5. Crooked Madame
6. Less Is More
7. Name Changer
8. We Are the Law
9. Hardcore Jealousy

More Info:

A reinterpretation of 2020’s hugely successful and critically acclaimed LP Roisin Machine by producer Crooked Man aka DJ Parrot.
If Roisin Machine was the big night out… this is the afterparty where things get darker & more twisted.
Like the original LP it is segued as a continuous listening experience.

He likes a ‘version’ does our Parrot.

When Roisin Machine was in the making you would often have 3 or 4 versions of a track suddenly drop into your inbox. All different, all brilliant… so the idea of Parrot doing his own version of the LP was always on the cards.  Inspired by albums such as the 1985 LP Padlock, Imagination’s Night Dubbing and Love & Dancing by The Human League, the Crooked Man has delivered something quite extraordinary. “Parrot doesn’t try to be ‘cool’, I reckon that’s the last thing on his mind. He makes music with a real sense of responsibility to the craft. He just cannot make rubbish music, he’d be too ashamed. So everything he is and everything he has learned, is put into everything he does. I think Crooked Machine is one of his greatest achievements so far. I left him and Fat Dave to their own devices on this and they have outdone themselves! I absolutely love it!! I think I prefer it to the original album, slightly less me and all the more ‘cool’ for it! “

Roisin Murphy.