Format: CD
Label: HHPE
Rel. Date: 12/11/2020
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Ultra-Boogie Highlife
Artist: Funkghost
Format: CD
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1. Introduction
2. Ultra-Boogie Highlife
3. The Fabulous
4. U Can Get Down
5. Melodic Nectar
6. Soul Emporium Suite
7. Grand Incredible Sound
8. Mic Flam's Midnight Moodiness
9. Instructions
10. Flavor Splash
11. 3 AM Deluxe
12. Tampa International
13. Live And Direct From The Casbah
14. Starshine
15. Tampa International (Celph Titled Remix) (CD Bonus Track)

More Info:

Funkghost is a rapper/producer from Tampa, Florida, who was one of the forefathers of the local hip-hop scene and an apprentice of keyboard player Edwin Birdsong.Funkghost's efforts culminated in his debut album, Ultra-Boogie Highlife, a self-produced endeavor consisting of 14 tracks. Ultra-Boogie Highlife has everything you've ever wanted in a hip hop album: samples that you've never heard of before, instruments that may or may not be live, and drums that hit hard.Not only will you discover back-to-back banging beats, you'll also find some great rhymes as well. The music on Ultra-Boogie Highlife is funky, melodic, and atmospheric, and while the rhymes may focus on materialistic things, Funkghost more than makes up for it with his wordplay. All in all a hip-hop delicacy!The CD will be limited to 250 copies as well and will have an extra bonus track on top! Shipping now!