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Rel. Date: 11/30/2020
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Unchallengeable Trider G7: GX-66R Trider G7 - Bandai Tamashii NationsSoul of Chogokin
Artist: Tamashii Nations
Format: Collectibles
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The Soul of Chogokin Trider G7 is back in a renewed version! Includes an all-new Trider Shuttle, as introduced in Episode 27 of the anime series. Packed with features, it transforms into all four modes, and with the addition of tread options can form all-original mode as well! For this renewed edition, the coloring has also been adjusted to bring it closer to the anime appearance of the character. And of course, Trider G7 itself transforms into all seven modes!

The set includes Trider G7, optional head, wings (L/R), support rod, Trider javelin, hilt, and pommel, Trider chain, needle, Trider lure and hook, Rod lure wire, lure joint parts, Trider beam cannon, Trider sabers (x2), Trider cutters (x2), verniers (x2), wrist joints (x2), cutter joint parts (x2), mounting parts (x2), support rod, optional pair of fists, optional trider cutter wrists (L/R), optional Trider vehicle wrists (L/R), Crawler parts, weapon rack stand, weapon racks (L/R), Trider Shuttle, Trider Shuttle option parts (A/B).

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  • Approx Product Size: 9.4"