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Author Author (Exp) (Uk)
Artist: Scars
Format: CD
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1. Leave Me In Autumn
2. Fear Of The Dark
3. Aquarama
4. David
5. Obsessions
6. Everywhere I Go
7. Lady In The Car With Glasses On And A Gun
8. Je T'aime C'est La Mort
9. Your Attention Please
10. All About You
11. She's Alive (Bonus Track)
12. They Came And Took Her (Bonus Track)
13. Romance By Mail (Bonus Track)
14. Love Song (Bonus Track)
15. Psychomodo (Bonus Track)
16. All About You (Single Version) (Bonus Track)
17. Author! Author! (Bonus Track)
18. Silver Dream Machine (Bonus Track)
19. The Victim
20. Horrorshow
21. Anti-Feelings
22. Obsessions
23. Romance By Mail
24. Slime
25. Leave Me In Autumn
26. Aquarama
27. Everywhere I Go
28. Next
29. Illustrated Man
30. Author! Author!
31. Je 'Taime C'est La Mort
32. Fear Of The Dark
33. Billy Porter
34. Your Attention Please
35. Psychomodo
36. Anti-Feelings (White Hart Inn, Edinburgh 1978)
37. Bravado (White Hart Inn, Edinburgh 1978)
38. Sweet Dreams / Psychomodo (Craigmillar Castle, Anti-Nazi League Rally 1978)
39. Horrorshow(George Square Theatre, Edinburgh 1979)
40. So Strong (George Square Theatre, Edinburgh 1979)
41. She's Alive (George Square Theatre, Edinburgh 1979)
42. Adult/Ery (George Square Theatre, Edinburgh 1979)
43. Fear Of The Dark (Plaza Ballroom, Glasgow 1981)
44. Love Song (Plaza Ballroom, Glasgow 1981)
45. They Came And Took Her (Plaza Ballroom, Glasgow 1981)
46. Obsessions (Valentino's, Edinburgh 1981)
47. All About You (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
48. Aquarama (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
49. David (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
50. Je T'aime C'est La Mort (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
51. L'afrique (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
52. The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
53. Vanishing (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
54. Remember Me (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
55. Leave Me In Autumn (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
56. Author! Author! Groningen, Netherlands 1981)
57. Your Attention Please (Groningen, Netherlands 1981)

More Info:

Digitally remastered and expanded three CD edition of Scars' 1981 album plus related bonus tracks. It is the definitive collection of the band's material. CD One features the ten original album tracks of the band's only studio album Author! Author!. It was released on vinyl in 1981 and was critically acclaimed by the music press. There are eight bonus tracks including the singles 'They Came And Took Her', 'Love Song' and 'All About You' and their b-sides - 'Romance By Mail', 'Psychomodo' and 'Author! Author!' Also featured are the tracks 'She's Alive' and the band's version of David Essex's 'Silver Dream Machine' that both appeared on the 1981 cassette version of "Author! Author! CD Two focuses on seventeen tracks from the band's own archives of their original demos including the album tracks 'Your Attention Please', 'Aquarama', 'Fear Of The Dark', 'Leave Me In Autumn', 'Everywhere I Go' and 'Obsessions'. Other highlights are their renditions of Mick Ronson's 'Billy Porter' and Jacques Brel's 'Next'. CD Three features twenty two tracks of Scars performing live from six gigs spanning the years 1978 - 1981. This release has been made with the full cooperation of the band.