Format: CD
Label: CRR
Rel. Date: 11/20/2020
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New Bottles Old Medicine: 50th Anniversary Edition
Artist: Medicine Head
Format: CD
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1. When Night Falls
2. Ooee Baby
3. Next Time the Sun Comes Round
4. This Love of Old
5. Home's Odyssey
6. Oh My Heart to Peace
7. Do It Now
8. Be It As We Are
9. Fire Under Mountain 1
10. Two Men Now 1
11. Crazy Bout You Baby 1
12. Goin' Home 1
13. His Guiding Hand 1
14. Walkin' Blues 1
15. His Guiding Hand (Original Single Version) 1
16. This Love of Old (Original Single Version) 1
17. Coast to Coast (And Shore to Shore) 1
18. All for Tomorrow 1
19. (And the) Pictures in the Sky 2
20. Natural Sight 2
21. Pictures in the Sky (Home Recorded Demo) 2
22. To Train Time (Live in St. Anne's, 1970) 2
23. His Guiding Hand (1970 BBC Session) 2
24. Home's Odyssey (1970 BBC Session) 2
25. Fiddle Dee (1970 BBC Session) 2
26. Two Men Now (1970 BBC Session) 2
27. Sing with a Drum (Top Gear 1970) 2
28. To Train Time (Top Gear 1970) 2
29. The Pig Stomp (Aka Pictures in the Sky) 3
30. (John Peel Concert 1971)* 3
31. Coast to Coast (1971 BBC Session) 3
32. Pictures in the Sky (Live in London 1975) 3
33. Two Men Now (Live in London 1975) 3
34. Home's Odyssey (Live in London 1975) 3
35. Oh My Heart to Peace (Live in London 1975) 3
36. His Guiding Hand (Live in London 1975) 3
37. Walkin' Blues (Live in London 1975)

More Info:

Discovered, signed and enthusiastically promoted by John Peel via both his BBC radio shows and his Dandelion Records label, Medicine Head produced one of the enduring albums of 1970 in "New Bottles... ". A blues-inspired, post psychedelia cycle of heartfelt, raw originals, the album was a forerunner of what we would now consider 'lo fi' production (the debut single, included here, was famously encouraged by John Lennon, who insisted it be issued in it's raw state), and proved the beginning of long and fruitful careers for both John Fiddler and Peter Hope-Evans. Accompanied simply, with guitar, jaw harp and kick drum, the duo concocted something timeless, it's heart firmly on it's sleeve and it's influences and aspirations to the fore. Presented alongside non-album singles, BBC recordings and live renditions recorded at The Marquee, this expanded version of "New Bottles Old Medicine" rightfully places this wonderful album under the microscope, freshly contextualised by the bonus material and an insightful, fittingly eccentric sleeve essay from Brian Banks. On-the-record enthusiasts for 'New Bottles Old Medicine' over the years include Bobby Gillespie, Nico, Joe Perry and Jack White, giving some sense of the broad appeal of this unique piece of work.