Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/04/2020
UPC: 5013929183018

50 Live (Uk)
Artist: Hawkwind
Format: Vinyl
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1. Motorway City
2. Flesh Fondue
3. Last Man On Earth
4. Side Two
5. Space Is Dark
6. Born To Go
7. 65 Million Years Ago
8. In The Beginning
9. Spirit Of The Age
10. The Fantasy Of Faldum
11. Side Four
12. The Watcher
13. Silver Machine
14. Assault ; Battery
15. Golden Void
16. The Right To Decide
17. Accolade
18. Hurry On Sundown
19. Side Six
20. Masters Of The Universe
21. Welcome To The Future

More Info:

A new, limited edition triple LP, featuring a selection of live tracks from Hawkwind. The tracks included were all recorded live during the band's 50th anniversary year. Featuring live versions of Hawkwind classics such as 'Spirit Of The Age', 'The Watcher', 'Silver Machine' and 'Hurry On Sundown'. It also features later favourites such as 'Flesh Fondue', '65 Million Years Ago' and 'The Fantasy Of Faldum'. This live album is a testament to Hawkwind's incredible career, amazing music and enduring popularity. This live album follows October's new Hawkwind Light Orchestra Album - Carnivorous