Freedom Of Speech
Artist: Speech Debelle
Format: CD
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Studio Backpack Rap
2. Live for the Message
3. Blaze Up a Fire
4. Elephant
5. X Marks the Spot
6. Angel Wings
7. Shawshank
8. I'm with It
9. The Problem 1
10. Collapse 1
11. Eagle Eye 1
12. Sun Dog

More Info:

2012 sophomore album from the acclaimed British Soul/Hip Hop singer/songwriter. Speech Debelle is special. Soulful and raw, she blew up seemingly out of nowhere and delivered one of the most critically-acclaimed debut albums of the last few years, the Mercury Music Prize-winning Speech Therapy. Two years on, having ridden a rollercoaster through life since, she's back, and she's delivered a follow up that packs a powerful punch. If we see her first album as a confessional diary of trials and tribulations, then Freedom of Speech is outward-looking, high energy, powerful and engaged.