Symphony Of Mind
Artist: Pinnacle Point
Format: CD
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1. Ascent to the Point
2. So Alive
3. Weight of the World
4. Hero
5. Never Surrender
6. In the Wake of Hope
7. Shadows of Peace
8. Beyond
9. Nothing at All 1
10. Prodigal 1
11. Symphony of Mind

More Info:

2020 release. Pinnacle Point is a rock band whose music blends the sounds of melodic rock and epic, progressive, symphonic rock. The band's 2017 debut album Winds Of Change climbed the album oriented rock charts and was voted top melodic rock album of the year for many rock music reviewers. The founding members are American lead singer, Jerome Mazza (Angelica) and Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue, Section A).