John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky [Blu-ray]


Format: Blu-Ray
Genre: Rock & Pop
Rel. Date: 09/13/2019
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John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky [Blu-ray]
Artist: John Lennon
Format: Blu-Ray
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ln 1971 John Lennon's most successful album 'lmagine' was released. The title track has become one of the most iconic Lennon songs. The underlying message of the song and the album however was one of radical engagement and is as relevant today as ever. This film reveals the depth of the creative collaboration between John and Yoko and examines how the art, politics and music of the pair are intrinsically entwined. Bonus features: studio sessions, interviews. Documentary + Bonus Features: 1. How Do You Sleep? (Takes 5&6, Raw Studio Mix) 2. Oh My Love (Raw Studio Mix) 3. Oh Yoko! (Bahamas 1969) 4. Conversation with Curt Claudio BluRay Edition.