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Label: GZO
Rel. Date: 04/24/2020
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Prime Evil
Artist: Venom
Format: CD
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1. A Vision
2. The Return Overture
3. Mother Earth: The Shadow of June
4. The Gallery
5. The Avenue of Prismed Light
6. The Earthquake
7. Buried Alive (vocals Ozzy Osbourne)
8. The Enigma
9. Is Anybody There? (Vocals Bonnie Tyler) 1
10. The Ravine 1
11. The Dance of a Thousand Lights 1
12. The Shepherd 1
13. Mr Slow 1
14. Bridge of Time 1
15. Never Is A Long 1
16. Long Time (Vocals Trevor Rabin) 1
17. Tales From the Lidenbrook Sea: River of Hope 1
18. Hunter and Hunter 1
19. Fight for Life 2
20. The Kill 2
21. Timeless History 2
22. Still Waters Run Deep 2
23. Time Within Time: The Ebbing Tide 2
24. The Electric Storm 2
25. Ride of Your Life (Vocals Katrina Leskanich) 2
26. Floating: Globes of Fire 2
27. Cascades of Fear 2
28. Floodflames 2
29. The Volcano: Tongues of Fire 3
30. The Blue Mountains 3
31. The End of the Return

More Info:

Venom are an English extreme metal band formed in 1978 in Newcastle upon Tyne.[1] Coming to prominence towards the end of the new wave of British heavy metal, Venom's first two albums-Welcome to Hell (1981) and Black Metal (1982)-are considered a major influence on thrash metal and extreme metal in general. Venom's second album proved influential enough that it's title was used as the name of the extreme metal subgenre of black metal. Prime Evil is their sixth studio album. It was released in 1989, and the first in a series of three albums with former Atomkraft bassist and vocalist Tony Dolan, replacing Conrad "Cronos" Lant, as a band member and composer.