Glowing in the Dark [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Luminescent Green LP]
Artist: Django Django
Format: Vinyl
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1. Spirals
2. Right the Wrongs
3. Got Me Worried
4. Waking Up
5. Free from Gravity
6. Headrush
7. The Ark
8. Night of the Buffalo
9. The World Will Turn
10. Kick the Devil Out
11. Glowing In The Dark
12. Hold Fast
13. Asking for More

More Info:

Glowing in the Dark, the fourth studio album by critically acclaimed Django Django, is about escapism & hope. Throughout their career, Django Django has consistently headed left where others have gone right. Produced by Dave MacLean, the 13 track LP represents the band’s kaleidoscopic, genre-defying sound with a rejuvenated spirit, boldness & confidence. Out February 12th via Because Music. Limited Edition Indie Exclusive Luminescent Green ‘glow in the dark’ LP. Includes Poster.


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