Devil Is A Gambler (Bonus Track) [Digipak]
Artist: Hellryder
Format: CD
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1. Hellryder
2. Sacrifice in Paradise
3. Night Rider
4. The Devil Is a Gambler
5. Jekyll ; Hyde
6. Faceless Jesus
7. Chainsaw Lilly
8. I Die for You
9. Bad Attitude
10. Passion Maker
11. Harder Faster Louder
12. I Don't Wanna Die

More Info:

Already since 2017, Chris Boltendahl and Axel Ritt have been thinking about calling a project into life which deals with the origin of Metal... Straight to the edge or rather "DIRTY KICK ASS HEAVY METAL". How to find back to the own roots and create something new and unique at the same? A question that has preoccupied the two gentlemen for a longer time, but often it is a long way from an idea to implementation. Usually extensively involved in their main band GRAVE DIGGER, unfortunately and due to the Corona pandemic 99% of all activities became canceled or postponed overnight. But no time for self-pity or laze around, this unexpected time window of opportunities opened up and was finally used from our two tireless ones. The first songs were recorded in September 2020 and Hellryder takes more and more shape... an idea leads into a project and in November 2020 to a real band. With drummer Timmi Breideband (Gregorian, ex Bonfire, ex Freedom Call) and bass player Steven Wussow (Orden Ogan, ex Domain, ex Xandria), two absolute thoroughbred musicians could be won and complete the line-up into a real German metallic super-group. Hellryder stand for straightforward, metallically hard, diabolical and uncompromising traditional Heavy Metal and all signs point to a true assault... not just on record, but also LIVE!