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Rel. Date: 02/19/2021
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That'll Flat Git It! Vol 37: Rockabilly & Rock 'n' Roll From The Vaults Of Capitol Records (Various Artists)
Artist: That'll Flat Git It! Vol 37: Rockabilly / Various
Format: CD
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1. Jerry Reed - Bessie Baby
2. Kenny Loran - Top Man
3. Skeets McDonald - You're There
4. Wanda Jackson - Baby Loves Him
5. Nick Greene - My Lovin' Baby
6. Bobby Louis - Cell of Love
7. Gene Vincent ; His Blue Caps - Cat Man
8. Tommy Sands with the Sharks - I Ain't Gittin' Rid of You
9. The Jodimars - Natural Ditty
10. Hank Thompson - Lost John
11. Jack Scott - Grizzly Bear
12. Johnny Fallin - Wild Streak
13. Gary Von Ilg - Early Next Mornin'
14. Rose Maddox - Move It on Over
15. Bob Luman - Everybody's Talkin'
16. Del Reeves - Baby I Love You
17. Ronnie ; Roy - Big Fat Sally
18. Tommy Sands with the Sharks - Is It Ever Gonna Happen
19. Hank Thompson - a Six Pack to Go
20. Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop
21. Ray Stanley - Let's Get Acquainted
22. The Jodimars - Well Now Dig This
23. Jack Scott - One of These Days
24. Darrell McCall - (What'll I Do) Call the Zoo
25. Jerry Reed - You Make It, They Take It
26. The Jordanaires - Sugaree
27. Sonny James - I Can't Stop Loving You
28. Gene Vincent ; His Blue Caps - Flea Brain
29. Billy Strange - Let Me in There Baby
30. Cliffie Stone's Orchestra with Bob Roubian - Here Comes the Train
31. Rudy Gray - You Better Believe It
32. Ray Parks - You're Gonna Have to Bawl, That's All
33. Del Reeves - My Baby Loves to Rock
34. Bobby Louis - Adult Western
35. Roy Clark - As Long As I'm Movin'

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The second CD compilation with Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll recordings from the catalog of the first major label residing at the US West Coast, Capitol Records of Los Angeles.-The first volume was released in the 90's as 'That'll Flat Git It! Vol.3' (BCD15624).-Some of the best-known rockers of the time recorded for Capitol: Wanda Jackson, Gene Vincent, Tommy Sands, Jack Scott.-Our compilation also presents C&W musicians like Bob Luman, Hank Thompson or Cliffie Stone - less known to Rockabilly fans but by no means musically weaker!-Carefully restored and remastered recordings.-DeLuxe packaging with extensive liner notes by Bill Dahl and detailed discographic information.As the first major label based on the West Coast when it opened it's doors in 1942, Capitol Records was knee-deep in country and rockabilly throughout it's early heyday. Capitol's rockabilly legacy is amply illustrated on this exciting collection, which takes in the label's best-known rockers (Wanda Jackson, Gene Vincent, Tommy Sands, Jack Scott) as well as the no-hit wonders that makes this series so revelatory. Future country stars Jerry Reed, Roy Clark, Bob Luman, Darrell McCall, and Del Reeves, veteran C&W luminaries Skeets McDonald, Sonny James, Rose Maddox, Cliffie Stone, and Hank Thompson, and former Bill Haley bandsmen The Jodimars and Nashville's favorite backing vocalists The Jordanaires are all here rocking. So are Nick Greene, Kenny Loran, Johnny Fallin, Bobby Louis, Ronnie and Roy, and Gary Von Ilg, who all certainly deserved a higher profile than their mere handful of rare Capitol 45s received. Since Capitol maintained a sizable presence in both Los Angeles and Nashville under Ken Nelson's A&R supervision, both of those recording centers are prominent throughout this jam-packed disc. To quote Ray Stanley's raucous track on this disc, Let's Get Acquainted with Capitol's spectacular rockabilly history!