Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/29/2020
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Artist: I Break Horses
Format: CD
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1. Turn
2. Silence
3. L a R M
4. I'll Be the Death of You
5. D E N L I L L a P Ĺ S E a V L y C K a
6. The Prophet
7. Neon Lights
8. I Live at Night
9. Baby You Have Travelled for Miles Without Love in Your Eyes
10. Death Engine
11. A B S O L U T a M O L L P U N K T E N
12. Depression Tourist

More Info:

Warnings is the third album from I Break Horses a.k.a Maria Lindén. Faced with making the follow-up to 2014's plush Chiaroscuro, she chose to put an emphasis on instrumental, cinematic music. While watching a collection of her favorite films, with the sound muted, she made her own soundtrack sketches. These sonic workouts gradually evolved into something more. "It wasn't until I felt an urge to add vocals and lyrics," says Lindén, "that I realized I was making a new album." Warnings, is an intimate and sublimely expansive return that sets it's own pace with the intuitive power of a much-loved movie. It's sumptuous sound worlds, dreamy mellotrons, haunting loops, analogue synths and layered lyrics crackle with immersive dramatic tension. "It's not a political album, though it relates to the alarmist times we live in. Each song is a subtle warning of something not being quite right."