Format: CD
Label: TGSS
Rel. Date: 10/16/2020
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Artist: Beverly Glenn-Copeland
Format: CD
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1. La Vita
2. Ever New
3. Colour of Anyhow (CBC Q Live Version)
4. Deep River (Live at Le Guess Who)
5. Don't Despair
6. Durocher
7. River Dreams
8. This Side of Grace
9. Sunset Village
10. In the Image
11. A Little Talk
12. Montreal Main (The Buddha in the Palm)
13. Erzili

More Info:

In 1970, nine years after leaving the United States to study music in Canada, Beverly Glenn-Copeland released two self-titled albums. Both were a stunning showcase of classical and jazz accummen, layered with poetry and accompanied by some of the best players of the time. Original pressings now fetch thousands of dollars. Glenn-Copeland then vanished as a recording artist until his re-emergence in 1986 with the release (just a few hundred copies on cassette) of what many now believe to be his masterpiece, Keyboard Fantasies. Thirty years later, revered Japanese record-collector Ryota Masuko came across one of those cassettes and went on a mission to turn other audiophiles onto Glenn-Copeland's work and to find the artist himself. Word spread and a cult following was quickly amassed. Transmissions is a career-spanning album that includes compositions from his early works and his cult-status release, Keyboard Fantasies. It also includes both new and archival unreleased tracks and live versions.