Divides [Green Vinyl]

Divides [Green Vinyl]

Artist: The Virginmarys

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Format: Vinyl
Label: WIND-UP
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 05/06/2016
UPC: 601501347924

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This release is on green colored double vinyl with gatefold package. Highly charged with political vitriol, the Virginmarys channel their dissolution with government, societies, modern culture into their power packed songs. They're here to start a dialogue their lyrics are meant to both inspire and provoke. More than just being political, the band looks at the world around them and makes a comment to their listeners it's about being engaged, involved in the world, and caring about what they see. And what do they see? Control and divides with governments, wars, people.


The Virginmarys have evolved as a band since their debut King of Conflict, both musically and personally. Having expanded their sonic influences and worked with legendary producer Gil Norton, the band shows new depth in their songwriting and lyrics. The resulting album is an adventurous (and loud) record, taking the listener on lyrical and sonic ebbs and flows of anger, frustration, happiness, self-acceptance, and love. The album has exposed and vulnerable elements too, all packaged into a unique twist of rock, punk, alternative, and even blues. The Virginmarys sum up their music, and themselves, perfectly as drummer Danny puts it, 'it kind of sounds like rock, but not as you know it.'