Musique Hauka
Artist: Lingo Seini Et Son Groupe
Format: Vinyl
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Gomno Ankreyze
2. Captain Salma
3. Sadji Blau
4. Gomno
5. Medina
6. Sergent Kadri
7. Arne
8. Fadimata
9. Kaffrand Gardi 1
10. Adiza 1
11. Captain Marseille

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. One of the first full-length recordings of Hauka ritual music. Praise songs and sacred incantations to the spirits to inhabit the body. Call and response chants, the pluck of a monochord lute and relentless pounding percussion combine in a dizzying nonstop session. The Hauka movement started nearly a century ago and has persisted on the fringes of Nigerien society. Documented in the 1955 Jean Rouch film Les maîtres fous, the Hauka are a pantheon on spirits mirrored on colonial and military figures. Central to the religion is the "Holley Hori" possession ceremony, a ritual driven by militaristic percussive music, wherein spirits come into the body in powerful and violent manifestations.