Happiness & All The Other Things

Artist: Cross Canadian Ragweed

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Format: CD
Catalog: 1323102
Genre: Country
Rel. Date: 08/31/2009
UPC: 602527134635


1. 51 Pieces
2. Bluebonnets
3. Burn Like the Sun
4. To Find My Love
5. Drag
6. Kick in the Head
7. Overtable
8. Overtable Interlude
9. Pretty Lady
10. Tomorrow
11. Confident
12. My Chances
13. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground - (live)
14. Soul Agent - (live)
15. Train to Birmingham - (live)

More Info:

USA Today proclaims that "(Cross Canadian Ragweed) is one of the better-kept secrets around." But not a secret for much longer, as their seventh studio album, Happiness and All The Other Things, amply proves. The 12-track opus opens with a one/two punch/kiss combo that sets the band's wide parameters: The fiercely rocking road tale "51 Pieces" followed by a sweet taste of the Texas Hill Country springtime on "Bluebonnets," whose sparse and lovely arrangement features harmonium by Joe Hardy (the star recording engineer who mixed the album) and dobro by noted musician and producer Lloyd Maines (also the father of Dixie Chick Natalie Maines). And then it only gets better.


CD BONUS MATERIAL includes: Commemorative retrospective poster, three live bonus tracks (Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground, Train To Birmingham, Soul Agent), two hidden tracks (Carmelita, Poopeye), live video download (Confident).