Old LP [LP]


Format: Vinyl
Label: UME
Rel. Date: 10/04/2019
UPC: 602577679490

Old LP [LP]
Artist: That Dog.
Format: Vinyl
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After 22 year, it’s here: Old LP, the 4th full-length from legendary guitar pop group That Dog. In some ways, it finds the 3 members of That Dog—Anna Waronker, Rachel Haden, and Tony Maxwell—picking up where they left off. Across its 11 songs, there are interlocking vocal melodies, hooks-on-hooks, and Anna’s signature tone. There’s the unshakeable tension between sweetness and dissonance, between dark and light and tongue-in-cheek wordplay. But with 2 decades of life experience now behind them, the dynamics of That Dog are notably more sophisticated, layered and multi-dimensional.