Tigers Are Not Afraid / O.S.T. [Limited Edition]
Artist: Vince Pope Ltd
Format: Vinyl
New: call store to check stock 610-683-5599

Available Formats and Editions


1. Ladybirds
2. Stories to Tell
3. Estrella
4. Finding Our Escape
5. Sleep
6. Rooftop Chase
7. Blood
8. Shoot
9. The Bathroom 1
10. In the House 1
11. End Titles 1
12. Vuelven (Tigers Are Not Afraid)

More Info:

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Is very proud to present Vince Pope?s score to Issa López?s acclaimed dark fairy tale Tigers Are Not Afraid, on limited edition vinyl!The film plays out as a dark fairytale, set against the harsh reality of a Mexican city in which a group of orphaned children living rough in the streets butt heads with the local murderous cartel, all the while their most recent addition - Estrella - is literally haunted by a dark presence?The music helps weave the tapestry of the story together, dark ambient moments are punctuated with touching melodies that will pull at your heartstrings with a soundscape that is simultaneously creepy and melancholic in all the good ways.The soundtrack is pressed onto an orange-with-black-splatter variant LP, and also comes with a voucher offering a 30 day free trial of SHUDDER!