Fujiyama Mama: The Solo Singles 1945-1955 (Uk)
Artist: Annisteen Allen
Format: CD
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1. I've Got Big Bulging Eyes (For You)
2. I Want a Man (Who's Gonna Do Right)
3. The Blues Done Got Me and Gone
4. More, More, More
5. She Lost Her Re-Bop
6. Give It Up ('Cause You Can't Take It with You)
7. I Know How to Do It
8. Arkansas
9. Cloudy Day Blues 1
10. Lies, Lies, Lies 1
11. Hard to Get Along 1
12. Too Long 1
13. The Bittersweet 1
14. The Bluest Blues 1
15. Baby I'm Doin' It 1
16. Yes I Know 1
17. Trying to Live Without You 1
18. My Baby Keeps Rollin' 1
19. Wanted 2
20. My Brand of Loving 2
21. I Don't Want No Substitute 2
22. Down By the River 2
23. No More Lovin' 2
24. Take a Chance on Me 2
25. I've Got Troubles 2
26. Nothing Can Replace You 2
27. Fujiyama Mama 2
28. Wheels of Love 2
29. Mine All Mine

More Info:

In the immediate post war years, through to the mid-1950s and the emergence of rock and roll, African American audiences were entertained by a huge number of quite remarkable talents. The subject of this collection, Annisteen Allen was one of the greatest vocalists of the early r&b and jazz markets. Includes her hit "Baby I'm Doing It" which was an answer disc to "Baby Don't Do It" by The "5" Royales and of course her most famous song, the original "Fujiyama Mama". Strangely Annisteen was undervalued despite the fact she could hold her own at any time with the major femme stars of the day like Ruth Brown and LaVern Baker. Her strong vocals have long been popular with blues collectors and rock and roll fans alike and she was indeed one of the greatest vocalists of the era. This collection is the first to concentrate solely on her solo records.