Electric Park Ballroom [Clear Vinyl] (Pnk) (Dli)
Artist: Paisley Fields
Format: Vinyl
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1. Ride Me Cowboy
2. Other Boys
3. Shuffling Fool
4. Ramblin' Ranger
5. Time's Up, Brad
6. Winter Night
7. Thunder Road
8. You ; the Country
9. Stay Away from My Man 1
10. Marigold

More Info:

Electric Park Ballroom is the Don Giovanni Records debut by Brooklyn/Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and bandleader, Paisley Fields. Fields' writes country music. His songs are tender and authentic, but also pretty good with a joke. They're mindful of tradition, but deeply informed by his singular background - as a teenage Midwestern church pianist, a Manhattan piano bar survivor, and a touring member of pioneering queer country outfit, Lavender Country. He's worked on a farm and co-written songs for RuPaul's Drag Race. The stories are his, but the feeling they convey - love, loneliness, lust, and so on - are, hopefully, universal. Electric Park Ballroom features contributions from Patrick Haggerty (Lavender Country), Mercy Bell, and Sam Gleaves.