Freier Geist
Artist: Sofia Portanet
Format: CD
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1. Free Ghost
2. Menschen und Mächte
3. Wanderratte
4. Das Kind
5. Planet Mars
6. Waage
7. Art Deco
8. Ringe
9. Racines

More Info:

Born on the 9th November 1989, Sofia Portanet entered this world kicking down walls - now kicking new walls and barriers, Sofia has reinvented Neue Deutsche Welle for a new generation. Singing in English, French and German Sofia has been taking their sound international with performance in USA and Europe since singing to Anglo Berlin based label Duchess Box Records (Gurr, Laura Carbone).

Since releasing her debut single Freier Geist in 2018 and has become one of the most critically acclaimed newcomer artists in Germany with praises such as "Best newcomer for 2019" from Klaus Fiehe (1 Live) and "Germany's next big popstar" from Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music).