Pathways & Passages
Artist: Cosmic Vibrations / Dwight Trible
Format: CD
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1. Nature's Vision
2. Blue Skies
3. Movin' on
4. How Long
5. Motherless Child
6. Passages
7. May the Weak Become Strong
8. Olbap
9. Water Flow 1
10. Tragedy Escapes 1
11. Some Other Time

More Info:

New, extraordinary music by Cosmic Vibrations ft Dwight Trible. An interplanetary journey from this new, LA based 6-strong ensemble of experienced musicians that define spiritual jazz in the 21st century. This is a genre-defying amalgam of divine vocals by Dwight Trible, Sun Ra-esque jazz with world influences, laced with indigenous instruments, taking you into a cosmic journey of spiritual improvisation and beyond. Cosmic Vibrations' Pathways & Passages is an awakening, an opportunity to soar deeper into an altered awareness, an unfolding from a multi faceted cosmic realm into the Cosmos. Simply superb.