Permanent Winter
Artist: Persekutor
Format: Vinyl
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Vinyl LP pressing. Conceived in rural Transylvania by a heavy metal enthusiast named Vladislav Bârladeanu, Persekutor follow in the great tradition of early rock-based black metal masters like Venom, Celtic Frost and Bathory, channeled through the vicious, unflinching efficiency of AC/DC. In 2019, Persekutor entered Veracuda Studios in El Sereno to record their first proper full-length. The sessions were helmed by engineer extraordinaire Phil Vera, who also happens to be the guitarist for power-violence legends Crom and Despise You-not to mention noted ale enthusiasts Trappist. The result is Permanent Winter, nine songs inspired by Carpathian survivalist tales, Transylvanian booze fighters and the ever-present threat of freezing to death. It is the uncompromising spirit of Eastern European black metal mainlined into the collapsed vein of greasy rock n' roll. Consider yourself warned.