Volume Three (Uk)
Artist: Chris White Experience
Format: CD
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1. Celebration (Feat. Sparrow)
2. Out Through the Stars (Feat. Elvis Chambers)
3. Can't Seem to Fall in Love (Feat. Et Tu Brucé)
4. Your Heart Is Mine (Feat. Maggie Ryder)
5. To Live a Dream (Feat. Tim Renwick)
6. Loving You (Feat. Kevin Finn)
7. Up Against the Wall Again
8. (Feat. Francie Conway)
9. Man Go Find a Woman 1
10. (Feat. Joe Lee Wilson) 1
11. Hold on to Me (Feat. John Verity) 1
12. Unhappy Girl (Feat. Colin Blunstone) 1
13. Today More Than Ever (Feat. Chris White) 1
14. Would You? (Feat. Bianca Kinane) 1
15. Let's Have a Party (Feat. Kevin Finn)

More Info:

2020 archive collection. The Chris White Experience is an incredible collection of unreleased recordings from the last 50 years. This collection of demos, co-writes and unreleased gems is the third in an acclaimed series detailing his work as a songwriter and producer between 1968-2020. Most of these songs have never been heard, with Volume Three spanning half a century from an unreleased 1969 Zombies demo, right up to an October 2019 recording from Et Tu Brucé. With collaborations featuring Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone ('Unhappy Girl') and London band Et Tu Brucé ('Can't Seem To Fall In Love') as well as performances from Joe Lee Wilson (Archie Shepp), Russ Ballard (Argent), Stuart Elliott (Cockney Rebel, Kate Bush), and many more. Following on from the much-celebrated Volumes One and Two, it is a brilliant and vital document in the history of British music and analogue recording. The Chris White Experience - Volume Three features 13 tracks showcasing his considerable songwriting catalog, with so much more to discover.