Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/17/2020
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My Love Is A Hurricane
Artist: David Ramirez
Format: CD
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1. Lover, Will You Lead Me?
2. Hell (Feat. Sir Woman)
3. I Wanna Live in Your Bedroom
4. My Love Is a Hurricane
5. Hallelujah, Love Is Real!
6. Heaven
7. Shine on Me
8. Easy Does It
9. Coast to Coast
10. Prevail!

More Info:

My Love is a Hurricane is an ode to love from an exhausted heart. Written as a transformative relationship began ripping apart at the seams, the lyrics and storytelling of once heart-broken and cynical singer/songwriter David Ramirez sit upon dreamy, psychedelic landscapes that evoke genre-melding contemporaries from Michael Kiwanuka to Grizzly Bear. In facing his pain and self-doubt head on, Ramirez turned My Love is a Hurricane into a story of potential, survival, hope, and encouragement.