Light Rays
Artist: The Boxmasters
Format: CD
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1. Breathe Easy
2. Satellite Guy
3. Learn to Be
4. Thirteen Days
5. Come What May
6. Light Rays
7. Drag
8. The Air Around You
9. Pipe Dream
10. Downey Girl
11. You Gotta Try

More Info:

After completing their 2019 Speck tour in the fall, The Boxmasters' Bud and J.D. did as they ordinarily do and went back to the studio with a few songs and started recording. Another album titled Boxmasters '66 was already finished before the tour, so with only the idea that the new songs would be a follow-up to that the recording process began. Drawing upon the sounds of the Vox Jaguar, Mellotron and Farfisa keyboards The Boxmasters formed their ninth release Light Rays.