El Capitan [Indie Exclusive] (Dusklight Vinyl) [Colored Vinyl] [Indie Exclusive]
Artist: Will Johnson
Format: Vinyl
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1. Teruel
2. Los Cuervos
3. Goodbye, Absecon
4. Bloody Boxer
5. El Capitan
6. Bricks to Block the Raid
7. I Am Back at the Window Again
8. Dear to the Assassin
9. Trouble
10. Ocean/Sea
11. Inclined
12. St. Anthony's

More Info:

El Capitan is Will Johnson's 7th studio album, released less than a year after Wire Mountain. While this is a collection of songs written on the road, they're given a polished studio treatment, albeit a bit more subdued and restrained than Wire Mountain. El Capitan is Johnson's second album with the carefully-curated Austin label Keeled Scales, but his third recorded with Britton Beisenherz at his Austin studio Ramble Creek Recording.