Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/11/2020
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Another Town
Artist: Nsawa Saraca
Format: Vinyl
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1. Another Town
2. Msemo
3. Cross Point
4. Dualbutterfly
5. Cave
6. Spring Water
7. VT-VT
8. Shining Echo

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Born in Chiba, Japan, Yasushi Karasawa learned piano from his mother as a young child, and soon began the explorative process in music. His first influences were Yellow Magic Orchestra and the great Ryuichi Skamoto, leading him to save the pocket money for a Yamaha CS-15 analog Synth and a double cassette deck for recording. As is the case, musical exploration leads one around the world to Jazz from the US, and in his case it was a borrowed record from Bill Evans that sparked his in Jai piano. Studying at High School and then University, enamored with Evans and naturally Herbie Hancock, the stage was set. He performed at the Tokyo Jazz Clubs and he played in a pop band, but soon he turned to the studio and his own music with the project dubbed N'Sawa Saraca.