Photay [LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/31/2020
UPC: 686162826865

Photay [LP]
Artist: Photay
Format: Vinyl
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When Photay LP dropped in 2014, it brought Evan Shornstein, a relatively unknown 21-year-old from Woodstock, NY, into the limelight of international musical attention practically overnight. Since quickly selling out it's stock, Astro Nautico has received years of requests asking for the production of more copies. Today, in collaboration with Bandcamp, we're responding to that demand and bringing new life to a cult classic. In the five years after Photay, Evan Shornstein's Photay project has continued to shape electronic musical experimentalism. He's produced a follow-up critically acclaimed album for Astro Nautico (Onism) with related singles and EPs, toured internationally, and collaborated with artists across a variety of disciplines and settings. By reissuing Photay LP now, Astro Nautico is gesturing to what has proven most prophetic about Photay's humble beginnings. This album was the acorn that contained the tree. From the original liner notes: "Restlessly playful, Photay's unique range of compositional skills are immediately apparent, with tempos and moods spontaneously emerging and evolving organically. Fusing catchy melodies with unusual textures, this is invigorating music that speaks an ancient language. It is vibrant, dynamic, and beautifully unexpected. It will move you."