Among Ashes & Monoliths
Artist: Ablaze My Sorrow
Format: Vinyl
New: Available $20.98

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1. My Sorrow
2. Among Ashes and Monoliths
3. Black Waters
4. Grit
5. Her Cold Embrace
6. At the Graves of Giants
7. Dark Chasms
8. The Cavernous Deep
9. Nonexistence 1
10. March of the Eldritch Spawn 1
11. The Day I Die

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 album from the Swedish metal band. Among Ashes And Monoliths marks their fifth album to date and promises to deliver some of the finest Gothenburg style death metal you'll ever hear. Among Ashes And Monoliths captures that truly magic feel we saw with pioneering classic albums such as Clayman, Slaughter Of The Soul.