Memphis Loud


Format: CD
Label: RUF
Rel. Date: 05/22/2020
UPC: 710347128021

Memphis Loud
Artist: Victor Wainwright & The Train
Format: CD
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1. Mississippi
2. Walk the Walk
3. Memphis Loud
4. Sing
5. Diasppear
6. Creek Don't Rise
7. Golden Rule
8. America
9. South End of a North Bound Mule
10. Recovery
11. My Dog Riley
12. Reconcile

More Info:

2020 release. If you want to travel America, take the Train. As the Grammy-nominated kingpin of American roots, Victor Wainwright's second release with the crack-squad band he assembled in 2018 is a snapshot of all the nation's great cities and genres - with a modern twist. And, as the title tells you, Memphis Loud's rattle-and-shout originals demand to be played at speaker-shaking volume. "Find a moment," he advises, "to sit back with your favorite headphones or speakers, turn it up, and listen. It's heavy, and I know you're gonna love it."