Please Leave Your Light On
Artist: Paul Kelly / Paul Grabowsky
Format: CD
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1. True to You
2. Petrichor
3. When a Woman Loves a Man
4. Sonnet 138
5. Time and Tide
6. Young Lovers
7. Every Time We Say Goodbye
8. Please Leave Your Light on
9. You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed 1
10. Winter Coat 1
11. God's Grandeur 1
12. If I Could Start Today Again

More Info:

Australia’s greatest and most enduring songwriter, Paul Kelly, collaborates with award-winning Jazz pianist and composer, Paul Grabowsky, for reinterpretations of Paul Kelly classics, plus a cover of Cole Porter’s ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’.

Please Leave Your Light On came about after Paul Grabowsky was asked to curate a series of concerts, in which he worked in duo settings with various singers. Having known Paul Kelly since 1995, Grabowsky asked Kelly to collaborate and from the outset the music clicked. Deciding to record what they performed at their concert, they spent three days in late 2019, at the Monash Uni Clayton Campus in The David Li Sound Gallery.