Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/22/2020
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Artist: Prag 83
Format: CD
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1. Circle
2. Before the night descends
3. A fire's blessing
4. Stranger in your heart
5. Nothin'
6. The Dance I
7. The Dance II

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With two enthralling full-length albums in the bank, German dark folk entity Prag 83 returns with something new, something old. "The Dance" is a compilation of the three EP's Herr K. has created, one of which now gets it's first ever release. Even though consisting of separate releases, the melancholic and reflective red thread is easily discerned through the whole of "The Dance". Morose melodies, crestfallen chords and melancholic moods permeate the seven songs, with Herr K.'s hypnotizingly soothing voice weaving through the gloom with inimitable grace. Contrasting with the harmonic, acoustic and elegiac beauty of the first two EP's "√Čnouement" and "A Fire's Blessing", rugged and clamorous drums and guitars provide a dynamic boost as unreleased EP "The Dance" displays a fiercer side of Prag 83 while never compromising with the intimate vehemence. If you're longing for heartfelt, elegant and wistful tunes that pack an emotional punch, "The Dance" is for you.