Hindsight [Limited Edition Blue & Black LP]
Artist: Emmure
Format: Vinyl
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1. (F)Inally (U)Nderstanding (N)Othing
2. Trash Folder
3. Pigs Ear
4. Gypsy Disco
5. I've Scene God
6. Persona Non Grata
7. Thunder Mouth
8. Pan's Dream
9. 203
10. Informal Butterflies
11. Action 52
12. Bastard Ritual
13. Uncontrollable Descent

More Info:

Limited blue and black colored vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release from the American metalcore band. Following the monumental success of their last album, Look At Yourself and countless tours over the last several years, Emmure wrapped up the recording of their highly anticipated, eighth studio album.


Blue & black LP